"Strategies for eLearning" Video Clips *

In this ongoing series of brief video clips, we will feature the latest trends and research in eLearning.

"Video is a high-impact, cost-efficient way to develop eLearning modules", says Joan Goloboy,

"You can use your own trainers. You can even bring experts - both internal and external -

right to the learner's desktop."

"In these segments, I hope to address the issues that are on the minds of corporate trainers,

as well as academic and non-profit organizations."


If there are specific content areas or questions that you would like to have addressed in future segments,

of "Strategies for eLearning", please send an e-mail to joan@online-learning-solutions.com

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   Introduction to "Strategies for eLearning" (1:20)

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    Sharable Content Part 1 (1:38)

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    Sharable Content Part 2 (1:38)

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Future Topics include:


-- Rapid eLearning


-- The Human Factor in eLearning




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